Our Story

I'm not your average florist

Most of my twenties were spent as a designer in the textile studios of San Francisco. Any spare time I had, you could find me perusing flower markets, picking up exotic blooms, studying their latin translations, and signing up for endless botanical workshops. 

Twine Floral Co. was born in the spring of 2013 after several years spent collaborating with Bay area floral businesses. Three years later, I found myself in what is now our Tahoe mountain home, ready to provide a bespoke experience for both locals & visitors to the lake alike. 

I carry my fashion background with me as I refine each design process: color palette curation and coordination of a cohesive look and feel are directly influenced by time spent in that world, and the two so seamlessly overlap that despite skipping the classical floristry training, I’m confidently able to bring a refreshing eye when it comes to playful details and inspiration sources.

Whatever experience you’re dreaming of, my goal is always to bring that fully to life through intentional design. 

- Andi Perry, Owner & Creative Director